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Maurizio De Angelis

Senior 3D Modeller and Scientific Illustrator


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Maurizio De Angelis is an experienced 3D modeller, scientific illustrator, traditional artist, and digital painting instructor who lives and works in London, UK.

He specializes in Hard Surface and Organic Modelling and his work has appeared in films, TV commercials and programmes, books and magazines. He currently works at Cinesite, after stints at MPC Film, MPC Episodic, and Analog Studio.

As a scientific illustrator he has worked on a vast number of medical illustrations and animations for the mass media and the publishing industry.
Over the last 20 years, his work has been published and broadcast on various platforms, including those of: New Scientist, The Lancet, the WHO, the Financial Times, and BBC News; and has also been used in the private sector by pharmaceutical and biotech companies. He is represented in the USA by Way Art Inc., NY.


He licenses his medical illustrations through Science Photo Library worldwide, which holds a collection of more than 1,200 of his illustrations, with subjects spanning from step-by-step surgical procedures to microbiology, general anatomy, educational, and infographic illustrations.


Furthermore, in 2015, he was one of the 20 finalists for the Wellcome Image Awards, and his illustration ‘Pollen Grains’ was chosen as a lead image to promote the event.


Maurizio is also a digital painting instructor who teaches online courses in both Procreate and Photoshop through Skillshare and Udemy.


Last but not least, alongside his career as a 3D modeller and illustrator, Maurizio is also a figurative painter.

After receiving a very traditional Italian art education, for the last 3 decades he has focused on painting in oil on panel, working mainly on private commissions.

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